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Are there any efficient backup programs for Linux?


I would like to hear whether there is a successful backup program for
LInux which can compare in efficiency with the Dos backup software coming
with the Iomega Ditto 2Gb. 

I have been experimenting with backup programs on Linux since I installed
an internal Iomega Ditto 2GB and a Ditto Dash controller card. I am
running Debian Linux 1.3.1 with a 2.0.30 kernel on a 486 DX40 with 24 meg

My experience with Taper is that it is a nice-looking program, easy to
work with, but it uses a lot of memory, is slow and I could so far not
make a single backup on tape (using ftape 3.04-beta-5) which verified

I succeeded in using Tob to do a backup which I then can read and verify
with afio, but tob would not restore from the tape or verbose the contents
of the archive.  It asks for the fsf position and when I type in 1 for
the first archive, I get the message:

afio: "/dev/nzqft0":  No input.
Fatal tob error:
Listing of /dev/nzqft0 cannot be generated.

The same message appears when I type 0 for the first archive.

I can work with the tob-backups but the problem is that to restore a
single file using afio can take a few hours because it has to run through
the whole archive. 

I then decided to try Perfectbackup after I have read on the
Debian-users list that there is a free version available.  It seems to me
that is no more the case.  I then downloaded the Personal Edition for
Linux, but I cannot get it to run at all.  The installation instructions
are poor and outdated (for version 1.3 while it is version 5.+) and when I
try to run it, it always gives a segmentation fault.

Is there any hope to get an efficient backup program?


Johann Spies

Windsorlaan 19
Suid Afrika (South Africa)
Tel/Faks Nr. +27 331-46-1310

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