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autofs and 2.0.31

gk205@cus.cam.ac.uk wrote -
> I have compiled a 2.0.31 kernel. One of the reasons for doing so was to
> use autofs. However when I did make menuconfig I didn't see an option for
> autofs support. I thought it was in the kernel anyway and instaled he
> package. However the package does not find autofs support and won't start.
> Does anyone use this package? If yes, how I go about activating autofs
> support ?

I remember seeing some such problem too.  Try the following -

* Make sure you have chosen 'y' for 'Prompt for experimental modules /
drivers'.  autofs support is still considered to be experimental.

* I would recommend 'make config'.  I definitely saw 'autofs' support
when I configured this way.

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