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Compaq Mouse vs PPP vs hostname

Here's a question I haven't been able to find anyplace: I have Debian
installed on a Compaq Prolinea MT, and the mouse is on a built-in port.
GPM detects and installs this as ttyS0, coincidentally locking out the
modem on com1/irq4/ttyS0...I tried to uninstall gpm, but it refuses to
uninstall with dpkg, then after dpkg fails it re-starts gpm!

Also, the system refuses to take a hostname. I've reinstalled it several
times (I'm using it as a training tool) and it seems to alternate
between "UNKNOWN_13" and "(none)". Typing "hostname DLinux" to set the
name (or just "hostname") gives "hostname: command not found". PPP seems
to be quite flaky on this system - would this affect the connection

Thanks for the info that's already been here - it's helped immensely!

Tom Hogland

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