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Re: backing-up dselect state files

On Fri, Nov 14, 1997 at 09:55:07AM -0200, Otavio Exel wrote:
> I see all dselect stuff live in /var/lib/dpkg; I'd say /var is not a
> safe place to keep such important stuff; any opinions?

Well then, where would you want it to be? The latest version of FHS
(Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) tells us this sort of thing should be in
/var/state/, more specifically in /var/state/dpkg (you can read the FHS at

/var is as important a hierarchy as any other, except for /tmp and
/usr/src I would say, and a serious backup strategy cannot overlook this
directory; think of /var/mail or /var/spool/mqueue as important as a home

		Olivier Tharan, <tharan@int-evry.fr>

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