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Best partition distibution for new install.

     Deal All:
        I am about to install Debian Linux 1.3.1 on my computer. My 
     question would be which is the best way to distribute partitions for 
     my Linux installation on a 1.6GB which is connected to the secondary 
     controller in the MB as a Master having a CD-ROM as a Slave. I want to 
     boot from my C:\ (which is a fat32 partition using Windows95) and then 
     load Linux using Loadlin. My system is a K6-200, 64MB sdram, Graphics 
     Blaster3D, SB AWE64, Does anybody see any incompatibility problem with 
     my hardware. Also would like to install X11. Any advise would be 
     greatly appreciated. TIA.
     Antonio Marrosu

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