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Re: compile problems on new k6

Olivier THaran wrote,

> > tells me that the x86 has no "ret" function.

> > hmm, as i write this, the next one was a sig11.  maybe i'm not coooled
> > enough to run this 166 at 200 (el-cheapo fan that came with it).

> It clearly means that, if you overclocked your K6, the hardware is so
> stressed during a kernel compilation that it does not stand it -- no
> kidding. Go to http://www.bitwizard.nl/sig11/ to have a really good
> explanation of what your problem could be.

Yep, it was heat.  It would do a kernel compile at 2.5*66=166 without a
problem, but not at 200.

I pulled the sdram for 32mb of cheap fpm, and now it runs at 83.  It
would run indefinitely at 166, but with lots of sig11's.  I put another
fan in the front of the case, got thermal compound, and it's real happy
at 210 (2.5*83).  Until I put the case on . . . But this is just the
cheap fan that came with it; i'm going to shell out for a good
fan/heatsink.  And I have another fan for the top of the case' i'm still
deciding whether to put it up top in the mounts, or to run a rack to
have it blow into the lower half of the tower.


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