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Debian distribution in the CD-ROM distributed with BOOT magazine.

I installed Debian from the CD-ROM distributed with BOOT magazine. The 
computer is a Pentium 200 with 4Gb partitioned into a Win95 half and
Linux partitions. Everything went well until I installed Loadlin to
boot Linux from Win95 Boot prompt (following the instructions in 
Loadlin+Win95 mini-HOWTO. The setup let me boot into Linux the first 
time, but when I rebooted the machine I started getting invalid system
disk - replace the disk message and could not boot the machine (both
Win95 and Linux). I asked Hans Lermen (developer of Loadlin) and here 
is his reply

>> change the disk. Now I can boot the machine only with a floppy. Could
>> running loadlin have corrupted the boot sector?
> No, Loadlin does _not_ write to the disk on normal boot.
> Only if you told it to generate a debug output (-d option), then
> it would write that file using normal DOS file access functions (no tricks).
> But this won't lead to overwriting the boot sector.
> I once got a similar question from a loadlin user and it turned out that the 
> DOS-system (and loadlin) was infected by a virus (don't ask me which).
> Hans
> <lermen@fgan.de>

Now I am concerned. Does the loadlin.exe included in the CD-ROM contain a 

Thank you,
E. S. Venkatraman

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