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Re: Anybody using Syquest drives??

> Anybody using Syquest drives under Linux, especially the SyJet?? I am
> considering buying one and wonder about their quality and reliability.
> Thanks!
> Tim

Dear Tim,

I am in exactly the same situation - though I already decided to buy one.
I had previous experience with Jaz drive - that was garbage, it choked
on the first defective cartridge and died right on the spot. 
As for SyJet, I herad only good things. As for Linux compatibility,
it should be even less demanding than Jaz, which pretends that only
Jaz Tools can be used to manipulate it. SyJet clearly states that it is
normal SCSI device which can be low-level formated using any SCSI utility.
(Of course, I am talking about SCSI version of SyJet).

Good luck.

Alex Y.

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