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Can I use Samba with dial-up?

I have to connect to a client through their Win/NT network to get to their
Unix machine.  They want me to use Dial-Up Adapter from Win95, but this means 
that I have to drop all other useful work while I boot up that abomination.
I can't make it work anyway, and as usual with MS stuff I can't find out
what is going on.

Can I use Samba to dial out on a modem and connect to their network?  I can
see how to use Samba across a network, but not how to use it with a direct
dial-up connection. 

Since I actually want to talk to a Unix machine, can I do without Samba 

Does MS Dial-up Adapter use ppp?
If so, what kind of negotiation does it do? (I'm sure the customer won't
Is it possible to telnet through such a connection to the network beyond?

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