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cu connects to PnP modem ok, but no response for AT

Earlier, I reported that:

# cu --speed 115200 ---line /dev/ttyS1
cu:  open (/dev/ttyS1): Permission denied
cu:  /dev/ttyS1:  Line in use

To fix this, I did:

# vigr
[added my user name to the 'dialout' group]
# newgrp dialout


# cu --speed 115200 --line /dev/ttyS1
[here I type "at&f", which is not echoed]
cu: write:  I/O error

I've tried using the minicom setup, but the dialout
there doesn't work either.  Ditto for dip.

Why doesn't my modem, once connected, accept
commands from keyboard input?


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