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Re: Communicator 4.

> I've installed communicator 4.03 successfully on my debian 1.3.1, 2.0.30
> kernel system and all works fine.  I would like to know what the advantage
> is to using the installer package rather than the install script that comes
> with the communicator package from netscape.  I know that dselect won't
> offer any options for the package, but are there further advantages to
> installing as a *.deb package?

you can also UNinstall it as a *.deb package.  I apparently installed 3.0 somewhere along the way, and now i can't use 301 or 403, as it left files around that newer versions find and complain about--"version 3.01 but resources are 3.0" and the like.  And I can't find these old ones to delete them.

Also, debian installers will put files in debianish places rather than where their own installers would


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