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Re: custom kernel configuration

>>"bill" ==   <b.leach@usa.net> writes:

bill> I think that there are several issues here but wonder if I see
bill> the right ones. Is isn't one of the problems with not using make
bill> kpkg that you may accidently "upgrade" a kernel using dselect?

	Yes, but if you can build and install your own kernels, and
 juggle them as needed, you can solve that problem quite easily ;-)

bill> I don't know (yet) how the preinst scripts handle kernel
bill> dependencies but if they use the files in var then dependencies
bill> might be a problem under some conditions, yes?

	Yes, but few thigs depend on a kernel-image package, and the
 kernel-image package depends on fewer still. There are a few special
 packages (pcmcia is one that springs to mind) that do require you
 register your kernel image package with dpkg, and amke-kpkg handles
 that for you.

bill> How about the includes for gcc?  Is there a potential for
bill> problems trying to upgrade them if you upgraded a kernel
bill> manually?

	Umm, I don't think so. I don't think the raw kernl
 installation process ever mucked with /usr.include.


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