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Re: Best partition distibution for new install.

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997,  Raymond A. Ingles wrote:
>  The second thing to think about is the PC's somewhat dated partition 
> scheme. You can only have 4 physical partitions on a drive, but you can 
> divide those partition into logical partitions. All things being equal, 
> it's better to avoid logical partitions if you can. It's also simpler for 
> you, the installer. :->

How hard should I try to avoid logical partitions? What's the impact
of using them?

I'm about to get a new mainboard and disk to replace my trusty 386sx,
and I was hoping to use more than four partitions.

Another question: I was thinking of installing both stable and unstable.
They can be rescue partitions for one another, and if unstable does 
weird things while I need to get some work done I can abandon ship and
switch to stable. Also I can play with unstable without fear of destroying
my only system. :)

Anyway, I'm hoping to share /home, swap, and /tmp between the two systems.
Are there any other directories I can share? Maybe /usr/local? Is this a 
good idea in general? Anything I should consider before trying it?

 Havoc Pennington

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