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Re: cu connects to PnP modem ok, but no response for AT

On Sun, Nov 30, 1997 at 09:29:00PM -0600, Charles Read wrote:
> In the BIOS, I turn the 'PnP OS' option off.
> In the 'PCI peripherals' section of the BIOS,
> I disable the two 'Onboard serial devices'
> (as these two 9-pin ports are currently unused).
> When I look into Win95, I look at the settings
> for my modem and find that IRQ 4 is used for
> address 0x3f8, with DMAs 7, 5 active.
> Then, I go to Linux, set up the same for /dev/ttyS1 
> through 'setserial' and the 'isapnp' tools.  When I
> use 'cu' to connect to the modem, I go to
> another xterm and type 'cat /proc/interrupts'
> to see what's going on with IRQ 4.
> Well, IRQ 4 fires off exactly 0 times, according
> to /proc/interrupts.  Moreover, the modem never
> responds to ATE1 or anything else.

Well, a couple of things. Firstly, a port at 0x3f8
is generally COM1 under DOS/Windows, which is /dev/ttyS0
on Linux.

Also, since you have disabled PnP in your BIOS,
you need to use isapnptools to configure the modem
under Linux. Although you have turned off PnP in the BIOS,
Win95 will still use PnP to configure the modem.

Or jumper the modem as non-PnP if that's possible; might be more convenient.

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