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Re: custom kernel configuration

"Cullen" <fcullen@usa.net> writes:

> Well rather than read the docs, I decided to re-compile my kernel
> using the steps I normally take and all seems well.
> First. The steps I took were
> "make mrproper"
> "make config"
> "make dep; make clean"
> "make zImage"
> "make modules"
> I then moved my current modules with,
> "mv /lib/modules/2.0.30 /lib/modules/2.0.30-old"
> then
> "make modules_install"
> I then altered the Makefile to set the install path to /boot and
> edited lilo.conf accordingly and did a, "make zlilo".

Changing lilo.conf is not neccessary as /vmlinuz is a symlink to the
current kernel in /boot.

> This all seemed to work fine so I'm curious about the references to
> the make-kpkg instructions (which I found later of course) in the
> Debian docs.

cd /usr/src/linux
make config # only if neccessary
make-kpgk kernel_image
dpkg -i ../kernel-image-<kernel-version>_<version>_<architecture>.deb

Lilo will optionally be started while installing the Debian package.

> What if anything, would the differences have been?

It's easier.  Also it will deal with the /boot/psdatabase (whatever
this file does) which you didn't.

> Have I created any problems that haven't happened yet?

You would have to change the Makefile for every new kernel version.


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