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Re: Debian on Dell Latitude Laptop

"Eloy A. Paris" <eparis@ven.ra.rockwell.com> writes:

> David Engel <david@sw.ods.com> wrote:
> : Has anyone successfully installed Debian 1.3.1 on a Dell Latitude XPi
> : laptop?  If so, what it the secret?  When I try booting from the
> : install/rescue disk, it gets about halfway through "Loading linux..."
> : and then reboots.
> OK, I tried today a stock 1.3.1 rescue disk on a Latitude XPi CD
> and it hung while loading the md driver. I'll try compiling
> a custom kernel with just the stuff I have.
> Somebody else that contacted me in private mail had the same problem.
> However, none of us had the problem of the computer rebooting while
> loading the kernel.

Sorry this is so late, but I haven't had time for debian-user much
recently.  Note that this problem is usually caused (on laptops) by a
bzImage.  If the kernel is recompiled as a zImage, you should be
fine.  I sucessfully used the tecra boot disk (look in the standard
Debian disks directory) on one machine (not a tecra) with this problem.

Ignore this if it's no longer relevant...

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
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