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Re: Accel-X and Debian

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Will Lowe wrote:

> I'm thinking about switching to Accelerated X,  because it has better
> support for my Diamond 3d 3000 4meg card.  I ran the 4.1 demo and it
> seemed ok (other than that I needed to install libtermcap.so.2 to get the
> install process to work).
> I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience running it for a long
> time,  and if it's given them any trouble,  etc...
>                      					Will

Hi Will,

Been using AcceleratedX for 3 years - No problems whatsoever.
Using a Matrox board, before that an ATI.
been using CDE for about 1 year, also from Xig - Works great.
The only problem at install regarded a Debian security feature
which allowed only root access. Just upgraded AcceleratedX to
4.1 and suprise, no problems! Yea, I'm real happy with Xig -
and let me add ESTINC. for Bru 2000. Great stuff. I personally
use Linux because its better, not because it's free!

Mike Nachlinger            Apres Ski Club, Inc.
1-888-APRESGO   www.apres.org   mnach@apres.org

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