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compiling libc.so.x

I tried to compile libc.so.5.4.38 and libc-2.0.5.so (c) and the file size
is more than double that of Debian's distribution... How is this possible?

 579300 Aug 22 08:09 libc.so.5.4.33 (Debian's)
1819811 Nov 23 21:14 libc.so.5.4.38 (mine)

 628060 Oct  5 05:15 libc-2.0.5.so (Debian's)
3015988 Nov 27 20:35 libc-2.0.5.so.new (mine)

Also, I need the quota symbols in the libc libraries.. when I try to copy
my manually compiled glibc version over Debian's, the system freezes.  Is
there a special command to do this? 

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