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Re: 3c509 Detection problem. Experienced user needs assistance.

A. M. Varon wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Wintermute wrote:
> > > And one more thing, type dmesg | more and see if the kernel did detect a
> > > 3c509b PnP card.
> >
> > Nope, sure doesn't, and I've rebooted my kernel enough time in the past 3 days
> > to force at least 2 maximal mount count checks, too.
> Hmm.... linux did not detect the 3c509b card. Could you try to swap
> ethernet cards with your other linux box? maybe you have some spare ones.
> Try to see if another ethernet card is working with your current setup.
> regards,

Been there.  Just today around noon I swapped out the 3c509b in my box with another
identical model we use at work (that I also KNOW works with our machines there
running Linux).

The only MAJOR difference between those machines and mine is that they are Compaq
Deskpro Pentium 100's and my machine sports a generic Deep Green 486 main board/AMD
5x86 133 combination.

I would not doubt that my particular base hardware (motherboard and cpu) is to blame
and I would be willing to ignore it, however I don't have the money right now to
upgrade to a better motherboard/chip yet.  Plus, if this is a concern with one main
board/chip combo, it may be the same with others, and why not find out how to fix it
now?  After all, the Linux way has always been to conform the OS to the machine and
not vice-versa.

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