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Re: The continuing laptop video saga...

Andrew Akins wrote:
> Once again, thanks to everyone who has offered me help setting up my
> CL-GD7543 for X.
> Current Status: It works! The magic combination that worked was to treat
> the board as a GD5428 with the noaccel option. Ta da...800x600 in 8 and
> 16 bpp modes!
> Current Problem: The mouse cursor is garbled. It appears as a square box
> (cursor sized) filled with random "static". The cursor works - I can
> move it, and it selects stuff...it's just ugly :)
> Could anyone out there either tell me what is wrong, or point me in the
> direction of a good X manual so I can try and set it up?

This is probably a hardware problem. I get this if I simply reboot from
Win95, rather than powering down and then booting via LILO. Just as a
hunch, perhaps it could be fixed by disabling hardware cursors.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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