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Re: Best partition distibution for new install.

I would not suggest worrying about using logical partitions in Linux.  
Though I don't really know, I suspect that there might be a little more 
overhead in accessing them (at least for mounting) but even if there is 
some for an aready mounted partition, it is my experience that you won't 
"see" the difference.

I personally know that I have had at least 3 primary and 4 logical 
partitions per drive.  It seems to me that I have had more than 4 
logical partitions on one drive but memory being what it is (mine that 
is), I can not be certain.

As to having both a stable and unstable Debian Linux system on your 
machine at one time...  I have had as many as five different Linux 
systems on one machine at the same time (two Red Hat, two Debian, one 
Unifix) plus DOS and OS2.  No problem (though getting DOS and OS2 
installed under such circumstances can be a serious pain!)

Sharing directories...  While I am sure that there are many opinions 
about this, mine is that it is fine to share /tmp and /swap.  Sharing 
/home is, at least in my opinion, some what dangerous.  Many 
configuration files will exist in the users' directories and you may 
find yourself with incompatible versions.  I don't necessarily see this 
a a big problem, just one that will 'bite you' at the most unexpected 
times.  Also, if you want to play around with things like mail deliver 
systems, having a common /home might cause you to break your mail on all 

I see /usr/local as a different matter.  Right now, the libc5/libc6 
"problem" with Linux could cause you problems if you have a 
/usr/local/bin, usr/local/lib, etc. but otherwise I think it should be 

On previous configurations, I always shared /usr/src but with a debian 
system, I think even that can be problematical (a solution, I believe is 
to always install from only one of the systems -- but I have not tried 
that yet).


robert havoc pennington wrote:
> How hard should I try to avoid logical partitions? What's the impact
> of using them?
> I'm about to get a new mainboard and disk to replace my trusty
> 386sx, and I was hoping to use more than four partitions.
> Another question: I was thinking of installing both stable and
> unstable. They can be rescue partitions for one another, and if
> unstable does  weird things while I need to get some work done I
> can abandon ship and switch to stable. Also I can play with
> unstable without fear of destroying my only system. :)
> Anyway, I'm hoping to share /home, swap, and /tmp between the two
> systems. Are there any other directories I can share? Maybe
> /usr/local? Is this a good idea in general? Anything I should
> consider before trying it?

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