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Re: apologies and fix for fetchmail

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Dima wrote:

> I upgraded fetchmail to 4.3.2-1 and did some rtfm'ing -- that
> helped.  New fetchmail wants to be told where to deliver mail:
> add eg. "smtphost localhost" to your .fetchmailrc.  Don't forget
> to check if your MTA knows "localhost" is "this box here".
> It turns out that qmail doesn't know that -- hence the bounces.

I also encountered this "feature" some time ago, when I upgraded
fetchmail 3.8, but thought I made a mistake somwhere (well this is right

> <dream mode>

Maybe you could file a bugreport against fetchmail to include such a

Debian the distributions where dreams come true :-)


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