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Re: CD mount

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Thomas Baetzler wrote:

> :Recently, I wrote a CD under Win 95 using easy CD pro.
> [...]
> :But when I try to read it under Linux, it does the same thing
> :as under dos: all the long filenames are translated to 8.3 
> The Win95 formatters usually write the CDROM as "Joliet" file
> system - i.e. they use a proprietary format that's currently not
> supported in production releases of Linux. That's why you get
> long filenames in Win95, but nowhere else. What you want to do
> is format your image using the Rockridge Extensions. Alas, I
> don't think that there's a CDROM formatter/writer software for
> Windows that'll do that for you. What you should do is create
> the CDROM image using mkisofs on Linux, and then write that 
> image using your Windows writer software. 
Well, I believe that the only cd writer I ever used on Win95, EasyCD Pro,
claimed to be able to do Rockridge extensions, but I could be
misremembering.  Also, I believe that if you have the vfat module loaded
when you mount the CD, you can in fact view CDs with Joiliet extensions. 

As an aside, I tried to track this down by searching the mailing list
archives on www.debian.org.  However, as has been reported here
frequently, the glimpse engine returned some error about not having an
index file or something.  Is this a bug that's going to be fixed in the
near future?  Is it simply a matter of running some command regularly, as
the error output suggests, or is it more fundamental?

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