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Re: Annoying Newbie Questions...

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Andrew Akins wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to a newbie FAQ or manual/guide to using (not
> installing) X?

Hard to think of one... surely there ought to be one. In the meantime, try
reading the manual pages on your window manager, and there's a manual page
on just 'X' too. Unfortunately like many man pages they're not too useful
as an introductory guide/overview. 

> An example: When I start emacs, it starts up with it's title bar off the
> screen (off the top). Can I set its "default" geometry somewhere so I
> don't have to type the geometry stuff every time I want to use emacs?

You want to use X resources. The Emacs online help has a nice explanation
- I'd quote it but it's pretty long. Go into Emacs, enter M-x info, 
choose the Emacs manual, then look for Resources in the "Concept Index."
There's even an explanation of X resources in general. 
Alternatively, you could create a window manager menu item or hotkey 
instead of typing in the emacs command, or you could create an alias for 
emacs -geometry. But resources would be the canonical way to do it.

> I'm VERY new to Linux/UNIX - I've been a windows user for a great many
> years. Any book (in print or online) and/or guides, FAQs, would be
> helpful. Thanks.

I think O'Reilly has a book on this (as well as a lot on X programming
and administration, avoid those, and probably also avoid the Motif
versions of their X books unless you bought Motif). The bad thing
is that their book doesn't cover the most common Linux window 
managers. Maybe there's a Linux book that does.

 Havoc Pennington

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