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Re: Anybody using Syquest drives??

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Alex Yukhimets wrote:

> > 
> > Anybody using Syquest drives under Linux, especially the SyJet?? I am
> > considering buying one and wonder about their quality and reliability.
> I am in exactly the same situation - though I already decided to buy one.
> I had previous experience with Jaz drive - that was garbage, it choked
> on the first defective cartridge and died right on the spot. 

 I've had no problems with my EZFlyer (the 230Mb model). It worked out of 
the box once I plugged it into my SCSI card. I was able to use mke2fs to 
reformat a disk to have an ext2 file system without a problem. It's been 
running just fine, and is about as fast as the (older) IDE drives in the 

 From what I've been able to gather, the Zip and Jaz drives actually 
use the disk itself to store the necessary parameter information that the 
servomotors use to read the disk. That is, the disk tells the drive how 
to read it. If the servo portion of the disk fails, at best the disk is 
unreadable. At worst, I've heard that the servos can go crazy and damage 
the drive. (Note that this is only what I have heard, I've never actually 
owned any Iomega products.)


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