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Re: [DEBIAN] Financial software?

> I'm looking for an application that will let me manage
> my bankaccounts and can draw some nice graphs to show 
> what I'm spending my money on.  No fancy features are
> necessary :-).

  How much "features" do you want in your package?

  To be able to record your income, spending and record your holdings and
liabilities.  And to just view basic graphs of income (which would be linear)
and spending... or to view graphs showing where an income over a specific
period is spent...

  Or, do you need to do more 'accounting' like transactions?  Transactioons
from and to multiple accounts, automatic transactions.  Double account, or
just simple accounting.  Do you wish for simplified transactions, where you
just type the amount and the category.  Would you like to be able to
define your own accounting key, or be able use one to pattern and base your
accounting on.  Would you like to be able to create a balance sheet,
see a balance graph, income/spending graphs over variable periods with
selectable accounts... or from the periodic result sheet?

  I am interested in some feedback on the basic wishes on such a product,
as I am writing an accounting program.

Orn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@oehansen.pp.se
                                        voice+fax; +46 035 217194

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