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cannot execute /etc/init.d/boot

Hi - I've managed to recover from a crash partially via a rescue disk. 
Now when I boot up from my hard drive everything looks like its going
well until I see the error "INIT: cannot execute /etc/init.d/boot". 
Well this causes all sorts of trouble as you can probably surmise, what
with nothing mounting and me not being able to log in and all.  I can
boot from a floppy and mount /dev/sda2 and take a look at
/etc/init.d/boot - everything looks normal as far as the contents of the
script and its permissions.  Is there anything that anyone can suggest
to start troubleshooting this?  Am I looking in the right place or is
the fact that the boot script can't execute just a symptom of something
else?  Thanks.


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