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Re: bind configuration

Paul Miller wrote:
:I think I have bind setup correctly.. how can I test it?

Just add a primary zone, and see wether you can resolve it
correctly. "dig" would be a good too for this.

:Also, how do I add hosts to my domain?  For example:

By adding them to the zone file. Maybe you should check out the
"Cricket Book" from ORA ("DNS and BIND, 2nd Ed.") to learn a bit
more on how this is done. Never mind, let's have an example for
you. This'll assume that your host is ns.3dillusions.com.

Step-by-step instructions follow:

When registering your domain, you've given ns.3dillusions.com as
Step-by-step instructions follow:

1. When registering your domain, you've given ns.3dillusions.com as
your primary ns. This needs to be done so that the root servers
of the .com domain delegate 3dillusions.com to your dns.

2. After running the bind installation, you check out /var/named
and add a primary dns record to boot.zones, like this

; Name server zone boot file                                                                         
; See named(8) for syntax and further information                                                    

; type          domain                  source          file                                         
primary         3dillusions.com                         db.3dillusions.com

You can choose the filename to be what you like, but in my experience 
it is very helpful if you stick to a single naming scheme that allows
you easily identify which zone database is in which file. Since bash
has filename completion builtin, there's no reason to use short names :-)

3. Construct a suitable zone file. The masters of your zone may have
special requirements on how the various variables are set up; my setup
for your zone would probably look like this:

$ORIGIN 3dillusions.com.                                                                                     
@               IN SOA ns.3dillusions.com. hostmaster.3dillusions.com. (                        
                        1997110701      ;serial                                                      
                        86400           ;refresh                                                     
                        7200            ;retry                                                       
                        604800          ;expire                                                      
                        86400 )         ;minim                                                       

                IN      NS      ns.3dillusions.com.                                                        
                IN      NS      secondary.dns.server.                                                       
		IN	MX	10 ns.3dillusions.com.
                IN      MX      100 backup.mail.server.                                                 

; hosts in this zone
ns		IN	A	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ; your ip address
mail		IN	CNAME	ns.3dillusions.com.
ftp		IN	CNAME	ns.3dillusions.com.

In this example I've set up your DNS server to be the mail exchanger
for your domain. Please note that you must not use mail.3dillusions.com
in the MX record if mail.3dillusions.com is a CNAME. If you have a
separate machine handling your mail, change the record above to an
A record, and update the MX record.

:..and finally, is this a safe way to update named (ran monthly):

Looks reasonably working to me - however, are you sure you want to
get a new named.root file every month? In my experience, these files
do not change very often, so it's perfectly sensible to do that
manually. Besides that, I'd make sure to keep the old file in case
NSI screws up - it's not very possible, but shit happens...

Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, bath0011@fh-karlsruhe.de
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