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Re: Annoying boot-up messages

Pann McCuaig <pann@agora.rdrop.com> writes:
> This started happening weeks ago when I upgraded from rex to bo. It seems
> to have no real effect other than the annoying boot-up messages.
[ . . . lots of "modprobe: /proc/modules: No such file or directory"
        problems . . . ]

What's probably happening is that the "/proc" filesystem isn't being
mounted early enough in "/etc/init.d/boot".  This might be because
you'd made some modifications to "/etc/init.d/boot", so it wasn't
replaced with an up-to-date "bo" version when you upgraded.

For a quick fix, somewhere in your "/etc/init.d/boot", you'll find
some lines like:

     # Remount rootfs rw (default), but do not try to change mtab because it
     # is on a ro fs until the remount succeeded.  Then clean up old mtabs and
     # finally write the new mtab.
     mount -n -o remount,rw /
     rm -f /etc/mtab~ /etc/nologin
     : > /etc/mtab
     mount -o remount,rw /

Make sure they are followed immediately by the line:

     mount /proc

Then, further down, you can change:

     mount -avt nonfs


     mount -avt nonfs,noproc

to avoid the warning that would be generated by trying to remount

As a better alternative, you probably have a file named
"/etc/init.d/boot.dpkg-new".  This is the "bo" version that wasn't
installed because changes to "boot" were detected.  Assuming you can
remember the changes you made to "boot", you probably want to replace
"boot" with "boot.dpkg-new" and add your changes, just to guarantee
that you're starting with the most up-to-date "bo" version of "boot".

Kevin <buhr@stat.wisc.edu>

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