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Re: [DEBIAN] Problem on filtering messages from the list

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>Daniel Mashao <daniel@comgate.ee.uct.ac.za> writes:
>> Since I used procmail I am relieved because only important messages
>> and many junk emails end-up in my main folder. Now if I can find a
>> way to get rid of the junk emails.
>Much of the spam aren't addressed to you directly. 
>Make a list of all the addresses and mailinglists to which you get
>mail, filter that mail into list.debian, mail.private, and similar.
>Leave the rest in mail.unsorted and take a look in that once a week,
>to see if anything important has slipped through.
Bruce, you asked if anyone would step up to take care of the Spam
on the mailing lists. If no one has taken it up, I would be more then
happy to take care of this problem. I have experience in dealing with
This, and will do this, if you still need someone...Email me at
debian1@hotmail.com, if you would like me to handle this...Rik...
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