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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> We've been having a logo contest for a long time. It failed to generate
> a consensus on a logo for the project. It got to the point where people
> were clamoring for me to hire a commercial artist and get the job done.
> I went over the candidates in the logo contest, and found one that was
> probably as good as what I would have gotten after spending money on a
> commercial artist. The logo I chose is

Highest Score:

 Page v12   Debian Logo Draft: eb07   Yes 67% (140)  No  32% (68)

Bruce's choice:

 Page v9    Debian Logo Draft: si02   Yes 32% (47)   No  67% (96) 

It didn't even make it boyond the ninth page. and I have seen governments
with less then 67% "yes" votes.

So 67% is no consens? A while back, there was a 99.9% "consens" in voting
for the communistic partys, I don't think the stake is that high any more.

Was the logo choice one of the cases which required the final 
decision of the project leader?

Now that the choice is made and announced, there is no way back any more.

Please don't mind me chosing logo eb07 for representing debian on my site.
The decision not to emphasise the liunx penguin that much may be
politically correct (regarding that it is debian GNU/Linux), but I really
like that cute littly guy.


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