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Re: Annoying Newbie Questions...

Andrew Akins <igor@ames.net> writes:

> Can anyone direct me to a newbie FAQ or manual/guide to using (not
> installing) X?

There are probably hundreds of pages on the web, so altavista might be
a good starting point. My bookmarks contain the following recommended


> I imagine my questions are pretty rote, and I'm sure someone has written
> them down somewhere...but all of the HOWTOs and such that I have found
> are on installing X (which is done! Yeah!).

Installation is probably the worst part, the rest is just playing
around :)

> An example: When I start emacs, it starts up with it's title bar off the
> screen (off the top). Can I set its "default" geometry somewhere so I
> don't have to type the geometry stuff every time I want to use emacs?

You can specify such default options in your "~/.Xdefaults"
file. System wide settings would go into "/etc/X11/Xdefaults" 

Examples of such setting are:

XTerm*geometry:        120x40
Emacs*EmacsFrame.geometry: 153x61+0+0
XDvi*paper: a4
XPat.geometry: 840x600+150+50

(the *'s are wildcards)

Some resources are standard for all X apps, (e.g. geometry) and some
are application specific. The man page for the application usually
lists the available resources. You can also find the default resources
in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/. Read these for inspiration, but
don't edit them, edit the above mentioned files instead. After editing 
your "~/.Xdefaults" file, it might be necessary to type "xrdb -merge
~/.Xdefaults" for the changes to take effect.

> I'm VERY new to Linux/UNIX - I've been a windows user for a great many
> years. Any book (in print or online) and/or guides, FAQs, would be
> helpful. Thanks.

"man X" reveals a very good introduction to the topic.

- Sten Anderson

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