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Re: bash syntax

"Eloy A. Paris" <eparis@ven.ra.rockwell.com> writes:

> Witold Grabysz <vtold@polsl.gliwice.pl> wrote:
> : the following phrase doesn't work in bash:
> : ((ls);(ls))
> : Why? Is it not allowed by the shell syntax or there is a bug in it?
> Yup, you're right; it's probably a bug. This does work:
> ( (ls);(ls))

It's not a bug but a feature.  In the bash 1.x version this syntax was
possible.  In bash 2.x ((expression)) is an evaluation of the
arithmetic expression.

Here a short excerpt from /usr/doc/bash/NEWS.gz:

  kkk. The ksh-like ((...)) arithmetic command syntax has been implemented.
       This is exactly equivalent to `let "..."'.

BTW:  Should I prefer $(( )) to (( )), which one of these is Posix?


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