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RE: Compaq Mouse vs PPP vs hostname

> > 
> > Here's a question I haven't been able to find anyplace: I have
> Debian
> > installed on a Compaq Prolinea MT, and the mouse is on a built-in
> port.
> > GPM detects and installs this as ttyS0, coincidentally locking out
> the
> > modem on com1/irq4/ttyS0...I tried to uninstall gpm, but it refuses
> to
> > uninstall with dpkg, then after dpkg fails it re-starts gpm!
> > 
> I jst went through a similar problem with my Micron PC:
> 1) You don't have to re-install gpm, you can use ... a command whose
> name I don't remember (something like gpmconfig - see /etc/gpm.conf -
> it
> is mentioned there)
> 2) You want to tell it that the mouse is on /dev/mouse, and (in my
> case)
> also tell it that it is a "ps2" style mouse (This is even the case if
> you have a m$ mouse - don't be fooled. It seems to want a ps2 mouse if
> it is on a mouse port, no matter what)
> 3) restart gpm, and run mev to test your mouse.
I had already run gpmconfig - should have mentioned it. I always
installed as psaux - using a "normal" mouse errored, but the ps/2 aux
port seems to work. (That's in the kernel modules - I checked via
modconf.) Changed to /dev/mouse and it still isn't happy. Took it all
out and now it's not connecting at all via PPP! 

Looks like this in /var/log/messages:

[date etc. cut out] 	CONNECT - got it
			serial connection established
			using interface ppp0
			connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/modem
			remote message: login succeeded
			local 	ip address
			remote 	ip address

(then I try to do something, or just let it sit for a while, and the
next line is:)

			CCP: timeout sending Config-Requests

...and that's the last I can do on the link. Strange for a connection
that worked fine on Friday... Do I need to have >either< kernel mouse
support or GPM, or >both< or am I just confused here :-)...

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