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Re: allow mount to normal user

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Anand Kumria wrote:

> On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Benoit Joly wrote:
> > i want to allow normal user to use mount for floppy and cdrom.
> > because i dont want to run apps in root account...
> > what should i do.
> One of the options you can specify to mount is the 'user' option which
> allows ordinary users to mount a filesystem. Check 'man 8 mount' for
> further details.

Yes, but there is more to this. The disk, floppy and cdrom devices (I mean
the /dev/* files for them) have permissions 0660 on a default Debian
system, so that normal users can't access them. The solution to this is
_not_ to make the permissions 0666, but to make the user a member of the
group that owns the device, i.e.

# adduser user1 floppy

if you want the user with username 'user1' to be able to access the floppy


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