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Re: cu connects to PnP modem ok, but no response for AT

In the BIOS, I turn the 'PnP OS' option off.
In the 'PCI peripherals' section of the BIOS,
I disable the two 'Onboard serial devices'
(as these two 9-pin ports are currently unused).

When I look into Win95, I look at the settings
for my modem and find that IRQ 4 is used for
address 0x3f8, with DMAs 7, 5 active.

Then, I go to Linux, set up the same for /dev/ttyS1 
through 'setserial' and the 'isapnp' tools.  When I
use 'cu' to connect to the modem, I go to
another xterm and type 'cat /proc/interrupts'
to see what's going on with IRQ 4.

Well, IRQ 4 fires off exactly 0 times, according
to /proc/interrupts.  Moreover, the modem never
responds to ATE1 or anything else.

I'm really at my wit's end on this one.  But other
people with PnP modems are reporting working
setups.  Sigh.

What's the solution?


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From: Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>
To: "linux.debian.user" <linux.debian.user@feverish.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: cu connects to PnP modem ok, but no response for AT
Date: 27 Nov 97 12:34:32 GMT

On Wed, Nov 26, 1997 at 02:31:48PM +0500, Igor Grobman wrote:
> > # cu --speed 115200 --line /dev/ttyS1
> > Connected
> > [here I type "at&f", which is not echoed]
> > cu: write:  I/O error
> > Disconnected
> > #
> Looks like your modem is not really detected by linux.  The 
> message from cu only means that it was able to access /dev/ttyS1 
device, but 
> the fact that your commands are not echoed means your modem is not 
> Most pnp modems need isapnptools to work, unless there is a way to get 
it back 
> into "legacy" mode. Install isapnptools package, and take a look at 
> /usr/doc/isapnptools/INSTALL.

Could also be several things, like echo is disabled (favourite of
Windows) (ATE1 to enable it), IRQ conflicts, etc. If the BIOS
set up the PnP card, it could well be an IRQ conflict because
the BIOS has absolutely no idea what IRQs the legacy hardware is using
unless you've configured it correctly.

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