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Re: add video memory

On Tue, Nov 18, 1997 at 04:16:07PM -0500, ALittleber@aol.com wrote:
> i have TGUI9440AGI video card it has 1mb of memory
> i'd to upgrade to 2mb of memory
> but don't know how, can you help me

As Ben points out, there should be some sockets on the card to put
the extra RAM in. Quite often DRAM chips like 44256 chips for
a card of that vintage, which may be hard to get.

A word of warning though-- you will probably be disappointed
with the results of upgrading it to 2mb. The card simply does
not have enough oomph (DAC speed) to do 1024x768 in 64k
colours. You would have enough video RAM but it does
not have a fast enough DAC. Similarly I don't think you
can do 800x600x24 bit or x32 bit.

I would advise upgrading. In Australia you can get
ET6000 cards for $60 odd and S3 Trio64V+ (which is what
I have) for even less.

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