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Debian Newbie Setup Questions...

Hello. I'm considering trying out Linux (Debian in particular) and I have
some questions concerning the Debian distribution. I want to check and see
if the Debian system will be compatable with my machine. I've looked in a
lot of HOW-TOs, but they seem to deal with the Linux kernel in general
rather than Debian specifically.

My machine:
  Pentium 90MHz laptop (DFI model 7200)
  Mouse Port mouse
  32 meg ram
  800 meg IDE hardrive
  1.4meg floppy
  PCIC compatable PCMCIA slot (I have no idea what chipset, I just
    know Windows 95 uses the PCIC driver, and it works).
  Cirrus Logic 754X video.
  800x600 TFT LCD monitor.
  28.8 hayes "standard" PCMCIA modem.

My big concern is the PCMCIA slot - since I'll want to dial into my ISP
once the floppy install is done and finish the install using FTP, I need to
know if the Debian base floppy install supports PCMCIA in general (and my
PCIC compatable chipset specifically), and what do I need to do to use it
(if present), otherwise I won't be able to finish installing the stuff.

If anyone sees any other conflicts/problems with the setup above, please
don't hesitate to let me know.


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