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Re: 2.0.32 kernel: strange error

On Sat, 22 Nov 1997 07:07:05 +0100 Remco Blaakmeer 
(remco@blaakmeer.student.utwente.nl) wrote:

> I posted the message below to comp.os.linux.misc but I didn't get any
> answer. Does anybody know more about the problem I describe below? Or can
> anyone point me at the right newsgroup for this question?

Your friendly debian-user mailing list is always here to help you...

> The problem is with the 3c509 driver. I have a 3COM 3c509 card and an El
> Cheapo NE2000 clone, which have always worked flawlessly. The relevant
> lines in /etc/conf.modules are:
> alias eth0 3c509
> alias eth1 ne
> options 3c509 io=0x300
> options ne io=0x280
> I supplied the 'io' parameters because
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/net-modules.txt says that probing
> for these cards is unreliable.
> Now, when I boot a 2.0.31 or 2.0.32 kernel, I get this error message when
> kerneld tries to load the 3c509 driver:
> symbol for parameter io not found

io was removed some time ago from the driver.
The irq should be enough to detect the card and will allow to find the ioport magically I think.
Actually, unless your setup is really special, it should autodetect the card automagically. The auto-detection routine has been improved lately.


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