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Re: Debian distribution in the CD-ROM distributed with BOOT magazine.

If your motherboard is set up to boot from CD and the "Boot" CD is still
in the drive, it might give out that message. Pop the CD out and see what
happens. If you determine your boot block really is clobbered, 
we can tell you how to replace it.

I doubt, at this point, that a virus is to blame.



From: ESV Narayanan <venkat@msk-130-30.mskcc.org>
> I installed Debian from the CD-ROM distributed with BOOT magazine. The 
> computer is a Pentium 200 with 4Gb partitioned into a Win95 half and
> Linux partitions. Everything went well until I installed Loadlin to
> boot Linux from Win95 Boot prompt (following the instructions in 
> Loadlin+Win95 mini-HOWTO. The setup let me boot into Linux the first 
> time, but when I rebooted the machine I started getting invalid system
> disk - replace the disk message and could not boot the machine (both
> Win95 and Linux). I asked Hans Lermen (developer of Loadlin) and here 
> is his reply
> >> change the disk. Now I can boot the machine only with a floppy. Could
> >> running loadlin have corrupted the boot sector?
> >
> > No, Loadlin does _not_ write to the disk on normal boot.
> >
> > Only if you told it to generate a debug output (-d option), then
> > it would write that file using normal DOS file access functions (no tricks).
> > But this won't lead to overwriting the boot sector.
> > 
> > I once got a similar question from a loadlin user and it turned out that the 
> > DOS-system (and loadlin) was infected by a virus (don't ask me which).
> > 
> > Hans
> > <lermen@fgan.de>
> Now I am concerned. Does the loadlin.exe included in the CD-ROM contain a 
> virus?
> Thank you,
> E. S. Venkatraman
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