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Re: 06032921167-0001@T-Online.De

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Me too. Write to listmaster@lists.debian.org or templin@bucknell.edu (Pete
> Templin).
> By the way, only a broken mail system would bounce the message to you.
> There's stuff in the RFCs about using the "envelope from" for errors
> that this mail delivery agent must be ignoring.

This is one of the victims of malicious subscriptions to our lists, who
happens to have seven or eight email addresses, all of which forwarding to
a single account.  To our continued benefit, the final recipient email
account typically ends up overquota, and the destination mail system just
happens to be non-RFC-standard.  Yay.

I've noticed a distinct pattern to the malicious subscriptions - 27 of
Debian's mailing lists are always involved (the same 27).  I've invoked
some minor, transparent changes to one of the lists in an attempt to track
down problems.  Some evidence has been collected already, but not enough
to point any fingers.


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