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Debian <-> NT interaction

My office runs NT in a peer to peer configuration.  We use foxpro alot. 
Is there anyway that I could run Debian on my machine at work, so I can
use what I am already comfortable with, but maintain a connectivity with
the rest of the network?  That is can I stick a debian machine into an NT
network, access and work with the foxpro database, and communicate with
the rest of the network?  I am afraid I already know the answer to this
question, but hope springs eternal.  I don't really have the technical
expertise to convert the network over to linux, so I can't really sugest
The office network is not yet setup to allow access from home. When it is
should I request anything specific in the configuration to make access
through debian easier?  
Thank you for any help,

Tom Malloy

Technical Recruiter


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