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Re: Applying patches to linux 2.0.30

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, David Natkins wrote:

> How do you apply patches to the kernel ? I tried it and got 
> rejections.  I'm trying to bring my kernel up to 2.0.32.  I have the 
> debian linux source for 2.0.30 installed (I believe it is level 9).

The problem that you're having is because the debian standard kernels
already have had certain patches applied to them; therefore, the standard
kernel patches (which are for the standard 2.0.30 kernel tree) won't
necessarily work.  Just go and download the full 2.0.32 tarball; it
doesn't take _too_ long (and I say this even with my 14.4 modem).  You can
then use the kernel-package package to do the debian-specific stuff.

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