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Re: access to mount filesystems

Paul Miller <paul@3dillusion.3dillusion.com> writes:

> I want users only in certain groups to be able to mount specific
> filesystems.. eg
> floppy = /dev/fd0 (floppy drive)
> cdrom = /dev/hdd (ide cdrom)
> staff /dev/hda1 (dos)
> .... If I use the user option in fstab, all users can mount the fs..  and
> I'd rather not make scripts because some programs use the mount command
> for mounting...

Create a group for floppy access (say 103) and dos (say 104).

If you use the gid=103 (floppy) and umask=227 you can limit the
*access* to file systems like vfat, msdos.  The mounting will be
possible but users not in floppy (or whatever you use here) will have
no access to the mounted filesystem.  I have no idea about iso9660
with Rockridge extension (which has its own file permissions stored).
My cdrom (/dev/scd0) has the permissions: "brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom "
but this won't help you with IDE drives.


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