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Re: Best partition distibution for new install.

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Antonio Marrosu wrote:

>   I am about to install Debian Linux 1.3.1 on my computer. My 
> question would be which is the best way to distribute partitions for 
> my Linux installation on a 1.6GB which is connected to the secondary 
> controller in the MB as a Master having a CD-ROM as a Slave. I want to 
> boot from my C:\ (which is a fat32 partition using Windows95) and then 
> load Linux using Loadlin.

 Well, I just sent a message about this yesterday, "Re: mounting". To 
repeat some of the information involved:

 In my system, I have two hard drives:

 hda is a 1-gig drive with four partitions. 250MB for dos/win3.11, 250MB 
for /, 500MB for /usr, and 32MB as swap.

 hdb is a 400MB drive, with 200MB for dos and 200MB for user accounts.

 Here's my current usage:
/dev/hda2             247871   40279   194791     17%   /
/dev/hda3             496691  371222    99816     79%   /usr
/dev/hdb2             199079  107780    81018     57%   /home

 For a 1.6G drive that goes entirely to Linux... hmmm. Some of it depends 
on what you want to do with the system, of course. Is it going to be a 
file server or anything like that?

 The second thing to think about is the PC's somewhat dated partition 
scheme. You can only have 4 physical partitions on a drive, but you can 
divide those partition into logical partitions. All things being equal, 
it's better to avoid logical partitions if you can. It's also simpler for 
you, the installer. :->

 You'll want a root partition (where, among other things, kernels and 
temp files will be stored), a swap partition (*much* faster than a 
swapfile), a /usr partition (this is where most of the applications and 
such go), and a /home partition (for user accounts).

 The root partition doesn't have to be terribly large - 250MB *max*, 
probably more like 100-150MB. You have to decide how much swap you'll 
need, but the standard rule of thumb is 1-2 times the amount of physical 
ram you have, so in your case that's 64-128MB. (I seem to recall that 
there are issues with swap partitions greater than 128MB, but I don't 
remember any details, sorry.) I have a 500MB /usr, and it's starting to 
get a little cramped - 600MB ought to be plenty.

 That leaves about 600-700MB for /home, where you'll keep your personal 
files. Should be plenty of room, unless you'll be storing large 
quantities of incompressible info, like graphic files, sounds, or movies. 
You'll have to make the call on that.

 Put the swap partition in the middle of the drive if you can. This helps
to minimize seek times and helps you get to swap a little faster. That's 
the theory, anyway.

>      My system is a K6-200, 64MB sdram, Graphics 
>      Blaster3D, SB AWE64, Does anybody see any incompatibility problem with 
>      my hardware. Also would like to install X11. Any advise would be 
>      greatly appreciated. TIA.

 I dunno about the Graphics Blaster3D, but it's probably supported. The 
SB64 can be used as a SB16, I think. If you want to spend $20 for the 
Open Sound System (commercial software for Linux) you can get full 
support for the SB64.

 Hope this helps...


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