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host.cnwl.igs.net@host.cnwl.igs.net (darren morin) writes:

> As it is getting very late for me here, I have a question,  Since I'm a
> newbie, (no stones, please) I have followed the instructions using the DOS
> rawrite-2 tool, constructed all seven floppy images needed.  My question
> involves installing the SONY CDU31A.
[Error description deleted for brevity]

This gave me the hardest time of installation too and i lost two days
being without a reasonably working system trying to find this out and
reinstalling numerous times until Bruce gave me the right advice:


        modprobe cdu31a cdu31a_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=5

If you use "modconf" (the module configuration menu) use the arguments

        cdu31a_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=5

Adapt as needed.

It's all stated in the kernel documentation included with the sources
which unfortunately are not present upon the stage of the base system
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