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2.0.31: no more than 8 swap partitions, memory leaks?


I am testing a new installation of 2.0.31 on the latetest stable
Debian.  Two things to notice up to now.

I left a torture test run on disks (three Bonnie processes running in
parallel).  All was okay, apparently.  While doing so, I tried to run
mirror on the Debian ftp site, and mirror grew in memory up to 100 MB
or so (exhausting all virtual memory).  At that point, every program I
tried to execute (ls or ps, for example) dumped core.  That's not nice
behaviour.  What's worst, memory remained in use after having managed
to kill mirror.  With an idle system, memory occupancy reported by
free was 50 MB higher than just after reboot.  Is 2.0.31 known to
suffer from memory leaks and bad behaviour when exhausting virtual
memory?  That would be very bad for a Unix kernel.  What is the latest
really stable kernel?  2.0.27?

Another thing is that swapon does not let me add more than 8 swap
partitions.  I read in the FAQ that up to 16 were allowed, but that
number is not reported in the swapon(8) nor in the swapon(2)

Moreover, swapon -s will fail, telling that no /proc/swaps is
present.  That's true, but shouldn't have it been created by the
Debian installation?  How can I create it?

Thanks to everyone.

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