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Re: Commands Manual

     It sounds like you need an introductory Unix book.

     "The Debian Linux User's Guide" by Dale Scheetz may be downloaded
from http://www.linuxpress.com/, or may be ordered in hard copy from
the same address.  Although heavily oriented towards Debian
installation, there is a summary of the important Unix commands in
Appendix 1, and a brief overview of a couple of text editors in
Appendix 2.

     "Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide" by Matt Welsh
gives a good introduction to Linux.  It can be downloaded from
sunsite.unc.edu, or one of its mirrors, in the directory

     For more advanced information check out the O'Reilly books at

     There is a wealth of valuable information already installed on
your system.  Detailed information on specific commands may be found
in the man page for that command (type man <command>).  For more
readable information on specific tasks or commands, check out the
HOW-TOs and READMEs in /usr/doc.


On Sun, 23 Nov 1997 08:37:57 -0600, Kid <cablekid@bellsouth.net> wrote:

> I just got finished installing Debian Linux on my system.  Well after
> all of that work I have no idea what to do next.  Is there a list of
> commands and or sysntax available.

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