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Re: 3c509 Detection problem. Experienced user needs assistance.

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Wintermute wrote:
: Charles Read wrote:
: > I've had similar trouble with a PnP modem, even
: > though:
: >             a. 'dmesg | more' indicates the kernel finds the serial
: >                  device for the modem.
: >             b. IRQs are uniquely assigned.
: >             c. setserial shows all configuration parameters for
: >                 the modem to be sound.
: >
: > My error is:
: >
: > # cu --speed 115200 --line /dev/ttyS1
: > cu: open (/dev/ttyS1):  Permission denied
: > cu: /dev/ttyS1:  Line in use
: >
: > Please post your solution if you find one!
: Well, I've got a few ideas for you.  Right off the bat I am wondering
: why you are using /dev/ttyS1 instead of /dev/cua1 (which is one of the
: standard call out devices).  As I remember, the /dev/ttySx's are
: normally used as call-in devices (whether or not this actually makes a
: difference to the system I do not know).

No.  /dev/cua? devices are deprecated, and should not be used.
/dev/ttyS? devices are preferred as this allows locking to occur.  This
was stated some time ago on the linux-kernel list I believe ... I'll
look for the citation (or someone else will post it, I'm sure)

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