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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen

From: Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de>
> Highest Score:
> Page v12   Debian Logo Draft: eb07   Yes 67% (140)  No  32% (68)

Yes, indeed that has the highest score. Unfortunately, the criteria
for choosing it were not quite right. We can't register it as a
trademark and it's too easily confused with other similar products.
This is really important!

> Was the logo choice one of the cases which required the final 
> decision of the project leader?

I submitted a number of concepts for logos to debian-publicity.
Nobody was interested in drawing them. So I let the contest run a while,
to see if anything good would come up. After some time, I got a commercial
artist to draw the Open Hardware logo, and the fellow who was running the
logo contest commented on the excellent results we got and we talked about
getting a commercial artist for the Debian logo too. Many people complained
to me that a choice was overdue, and I eventually took a last look before
committing $$$ for a logo from a commercial artist and found one that was
trademark-able and looked good.

> Please don't mind me chosing logo eb07 for representing debian on my site.

You've got Tux, we've got Deb. They are both Penguins.

> The decision not to emphasise the liunx penguin that much may be
> politically correct (regarding that it is debian GNU/Linux), but I really
> like that cute littly guy.

Huh? There's no picture of a gnu in that logo. There _is_ a penguin.
If we do a system for hurd, we can draw a gnu in outline and call him


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